About web mining

Any modern browser can execute Javascript programs. Thus, browser can be used for mining. It is slower than special applications, but works too. You can see result below


Speed: (no data)

If after 1 minute you still see this text - then moner does not work in your browser.
Most common reason for this - it was blocked by your free antivirus or AdBlock (they always try to block any miner)

Javascript mining

If you see the speed value in green miner window, then mining process already started. But do not hurry to switch it off, because all what will earn here, you can to transfer to your mobile phone balance or to electronic wallet!
If speed value not shown - it means what your browser does not accept this program architecture, or your free antivirus/adblock was blocked process - they try to block all miners they known.

You can try to change with numbers of threads, looking how it affects to CPU loading and program speed.
Also you can run miners on different devices and enter same id/pin for getting money faster.

If you have your own site and don't want waste it by ads, or you have small number of visitors and waiting payments from Google AdSense by years, then you can use another way to getting profit from website, adding miner to its pages. This way have advantages and disadvantages in compare of traditional ads, more details - after you will get, or enter your ID