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Install our application on your PC or smartphone, and free resources of your devices will start earn permanent income for you


Application uses just part of your PC resources, it is possible to use it even when you use your computer


After installing of our application your smartphone will earn small money every time when it charging
Android version


Payments starts as low as from 5 cents (for Webmoney). You will get money on your Webmoney wallet, or directly to your mobile phone balance (extra charges possible, depends on country - Webmoney is recommended)


Just download and install the application, and your computer will start to earn money!

Download application

Last update: 01.06.2018
Since 2018-04-06 Monero network changes they protocol, and old applications will not work. Please update your software to following latest version:
Download: ZIP archive (Windows 64)
Download: ZIP archive (Windows 32)
Actually, you just need to replace xmrig.exe on file from this archive.

Last update: 01.06.2018
Version for NVidia here!
If you using Nvidia (GeForce) videocard - please try this version, it can work without CPU loading.
But before you start, please read small instruction: all free antiviruses marks any miner as virus. If you using such free antivirus, you have to pause it before downloading.
After downloading archive below and unziping it in any folder, you need to add this folder in antivirus exceptions.
If you not trust to downloaded app, check files from archive here: Archive contains miner and nothing dangerous.
To start, run mollnia.exe from archive.
Download: ZIP archive Nvidia (Windows 64)
Download: self-extracting archive (Windows 64)
For advanced users: here used XMRig with minor protocol changes. You can edit config.json for best perfomance of your hardware.
Old versions:
Updated: 15.02.2018

Program xmrig.exe, using in this application - miner, which somebody used for running in hide mode, without user allowance. You will use it for yourself, and this program is safe. But some antiviruses can to detect this file as a virus, and will not allowe nor download, not run this program. To consider, what this application actually not contains viruses, you can check it on any online service you trust, before using it. For example, Result will "Clean", or "Possible miner" - but one moment: it is really miner! :)

Download: setup file (Windows 64)
Download: zip-archive (Windows 64) (need to unpack zip file in selected folder, then possible online check for viruses and run file mollnia.exe)
If your antivirus not allow you to download file - try password-protected archive (Windows 64) (password: sz7tps)

If version above not running on your PC - try version for Windows 32 bit:
Download: setup file (Windows 32)
Download: zip-archive (Windows 32) (need to unpack zip file in selected folder, then possible online check for viruses and run file mollnia.exe)

Password-protected archive: Windows 32 (password: sz7tps)

After launching the application (file mollnia.exe), the window like on picture above should appear. By pressing on "Start" button you will start earn money. If you want to see what happening - tick "Show process" checkbox, and you will see XMRig console in the separate window. You can edit file settings.ini, row miner_params, if you want adjust XMRig settings.

Select Webmoney wallet (WMZ), phone number, or Yandex-money wallet, where payments will come, after that immediately press button on right of number.
It is strongly recommended to use Webmoney (WMZ) - only by this way you will get fastest payments (usually - in 15 minutes after you ballance excides "minimal payment" value). Other methods goes through manual checking and each payment can take up to 5 work days.

"My ID, PIN" is your personal IDs for payments. Keep them in secret, else possible to loose your money. By default these fields are hidden, press button ">>" near "My ID" to show them.
Why need to know them? Because your can enter the same values on other computer or smartphone to join them power. They will earn money to one account, it will faster, you will get real mini-cryptofarm. Also you will can see on your smartphone how much earned by your computers.

Earning money on Android

Your Android-smartphone can earn some money each time when it charging


Download application "Earn some money" for Android

You can download the application at Google Play Market - link, or you can install the application directly from this site: Download.

Application works on smartphones and other Android-devices with at least Android 4. Device perfomance depends on Android version and device hardware.

After installing the program, it will atart each time when you connect device to charger. By pressing (?) you can see your Id and Pin-code. If you install the application on several devices - just enter same Id and PIN on them, press "Save", and your devices will joined in same network, money will earning faster.

"Speed" is a perfomance with hash/s (Cryptonight). At this moment, even powerful smartphone will not reach 20-30 H/s. But computers can produce 300 H/s and more, so it is a good reason to try our Windows-version


Answers on most popular questions

I have great blog, let I write about you, and you will pay me?

We have parthner program for it. How to use it: go to page with web-miner, wait while your Id will generated (or enter existing id/pin)
Pay attention on field "My refID". You refferal link will, where XXXXXXXX - your refID. Everybody who will registered by your link or will enter your refID into the program, will get small bonus to account.
You will receive 10% from each payment to all who registered by your link, but that is not all: many people trying to mining, getting some cents on their accounts and found what it is too low, and dropping it. Such accounts, which has no any payments and not visited in 30 days, will deleted. And you will get 50% of they amount, except they refferal bonus.
You will receive payments in some way as mining, by program or web-miner with you Id.

How much I can earn here?

It depends on power ow devices you using and on quantity of them. At this moment Android-version more slower than Windows-version, and even top-rated smartphone will earn far less than mibble-class notebook. Install application on all your devices, and you will earn more. But, for earnings at least 5$ daily you need expensive, powerful PC.

What need to getting payment? When I'll get money?

You just need to run the application at least for some hours daily (with alive Internet-connection). If you already entered your payment requisites, then soon after minimal payment amount will reached, you will get your money. If you choosen Webmoney - payments comes automatically 7/24. For payments to mobile phone or Yandex-money, each payment manual checks, and delay for these payments can reach 5 business days. Also, for mobile phone payments, additional fees can apply.

If I entered wrong wallet number?

Be careful with it. We are not responsive for any your mistake. If you typed not existing number - in most cases payment will not come, and you will keep your balance while correct number will not entered. But if payment gone - you lost these money. Pay attention, Webmoney wallet number must start with "Z".

How much internet-trafic will used?

Program sends just small data packages, and almost not eats trafic. But if you have paid (limited) mobile Internet, it makes sense to stop using this program, or start it only with free wifi.

Maybe I will pay for electricity more than my smartphone earns?

No. Charging device consumes electricity even when smartphone charged. So, if you put your smartphone to charge for whole night, uoy will not see difference.
If to talk about PC - it will use same electricity, with this program, or without it. If you using old big case with 300-W power supply - then you need to calculate results.

Can the smartphone go overheated and broken?

You using this program on your own risk. We not guarantee anything. However, mobile program controls temperature, and should switch off then overheated. Not cover your smartphone when charging, keep it cool as possible.

I have installed program on smartphone, but after all night charging my balance still zero?

It may in result of restrictions on your smartphone. Some smartphones switch off networks in night time, some smartphones can prevent application autoloading. Please check your settings. Another reason - you using too old smartphone. For example, your old Android 4 smartphone can show only 1H/s speed. But middle notebook runs with 50H/s. Therefore, 50 hours of working on your smartphone will brings around same money as 1 hour on notebook.

How to join several smartphones or computers?

Install this application on each device. On one of them press button to show Id/PIN. Enter these values on other devices and press "Save".

Is it possible to run Windows-version in backgroung?

Yes. There are 2 ways. Install the application, get your Id/pin.
Tick "Autoloading" checkbox, enter desired CPU percent allowed to use bu program. On next Windows run confirm autoloading of "XMRig.exe". Thet's all.
Another way: in notepad create bat-file with text (or add this command to autoloading):
"c:\<path to program>\xmrig.exe -o -p x -k -B --max-cpu-usage=50 -u<Your ID without spaces>"
You can control results from another PC or your smartphone by enter same Id.

Why my earnings can be different for same time?

Where are some possible reasons. First - your device speed can changing (depends on loading by other programs, temperature, OS settings)
Next reason: process of searching valid values (for which getting earnings) is quite random. And sometimes you have more "luck", sometimes - less.
And, earnings depends on cryptocurrency rates

Will I get payment immediately after minimal value reached?

For Webmoney it is almost true, you should get payment in 15 minutes. But for mobile phone payments and Yandex-money - each payment comes throgh manual checking, and delay can be up to 5 business days. Anyway, you don't need to stop the program then minimal payment reached. If minimal payment is 5 cents, but on payment time you have 10$ - you will get all 10$.


16.06.2018 Алексей: День добрый
Установил приложение на ноутбук - вин7 - не показывает процесс работы, просто черный экран с моргающей черточкой. Но помаленьку капает.
Установил на планшет - вин 8.1- все нормально.
В чем проблема с ноутбуком?
В брандмауэре все сделано и программа работает. Других антивирусов кроме стандартного нет. Когда запущена только она одна деньги начисляются. Не показывает процесс в консоли. Мне чисто для интереса какой h/s и какой профит. Вот к примеру на смартфоне андроид 6 с процем 6737т h/s 4, за ночные 12 часов капает 0.002. На планшете с вин 8.1 проц атом 3736ф 17 h/s за 6 дневных часов 0.006. А вот на ноуте с вин 7 процем i5-450m и неизвестным h/s сколько? Интересно для сравнения. И сопоставить потом энергопотребление.
Ответ: (скопировано в отзывы архивное обращение). Если у кого-то и с текущими версиями программы имеются подобные проблемы, пожалуйста напишите через форму выше
18.06.2018 Vic: Почему бы вам не открыть тему на 4pda для обратной связи?
Ответ: Она там была открыта. И сразу закрыта модератором с вердиктом "приложение создано для рекламы сайта". Это неправда, когда появилось Android-приложение, сайта поначалу вообще не было